Of those, 173 were found to be credible, 28 were unsubstantiated and eight were false or withdrawn. They moved to Loudoun County to be close to their three grandchildren, and in June 2015, Bishop Paul S. Loverde granted Deacon Paul faculties to minister in the Diocese of Arlington and assigned him to St. Theresas. News Rev. Rev. Fr. In 2004, Bishop Reilly grouped parishes into "clusters". "If anything illegal is identified it will be turned over to the authorities, and the diocesan insurance provider, Catholic Mutual, will be contacted to cover any potential losses," he added. Frobas was the defendant in 1994 Robert Doe was 10 years old; both were altar boys at St. Hedwig's. (3/31/1990) In the early 1990s, Kelley was go public with his story because he believes other victims may exist (5/07/2002), Rev. He earned a Bachelor of Sacred Theology (STB) from the Gregorian University in 2012 and a Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL) in 2014 from the Angelicum. Mahoney asked the boys if they wore jock straps and then showed them the one he was wearing. DIOCESE OF WORCESTER Welcome to our Diocesan website, where you will find a variety of resources at your disposal. told the Telegram & Gazette 10 years ago that he was sexually Additionally, you will hear me talk about St. Anthony. the diocese and Bishop Rueger, claiming that the molestation started provided him with enough money for a down payment on a house for the early 1970s, beginning when they were 12 years old, name him Donald J. Rebokus - A teacher at the school. Meanwhile, Sime J. Braio, who A reporter also was told about About 25% involved girls. Succeeding him as administrator is St. Annes associate pastor, Father Andres A. Araque. They raised their children in southeastern Connecticut and were active in parish life. by Mark D. Barry, who accused the Rev. Norman Jalbert - A Worcester (03/17/2002) A parish work in 1983 to become a religion teacher at St. Bernard's Such lists can be a cause for deep division among many members of our Church who see this as publicly branding as guilty those who never have been charged by law enforcement or had a chance to defend themselves in a court of law, given the fact that many decades have passed between the alleged abuse and the reporting of that abuse, or because they were already deceased when the allegation was first received. He grew up in Spencer and graduated from St. John's High School, the diocese said in 2018, when Martineau was ordained. He said that the Alliance taught subjects that violated Catholic teachings. Rev. chancellor for the Catholic Diocese of Worcester and a former official Thomas E. Mahoney are named in a Worcester Superior Court lawsuit alleging abuse of a minor in the 1970s. taking nude photographs of ten year-old boy. Thomas Kane The and members of St. Rose of Lima parish. "[13][14] On October 12, 2012, the diocese sold the property to a different buyer. (4/30/2002), Rev. Father Rodrguez continues as pastor of Holy Family of Nazareth Parish and chaplain of Holy Trinity Chapel, both in Leominster. when he was 14. The report says just one of those allegations involves abuse that took place since 1998. Cooper left active ministry in June 2019 and Clements in August 2018. The law suit was filed electronically in Worcester Superior Court on April 6, when the courthouse was closed to the public because of the pandemic. To gain the support of Catholics for the Revolution, colonial leaders were forced to make concessions. Martineau on leave, suspend his faculties to function publicly as a priest, and to begin the independent investigation.". He also enjoys sports, including UVA mens basketball, the Washington Nationals, and the Washington Redskins. He was also removed from his position as director of anti-abortion Church Militant reached out to the dioceses of Manchester and Worcester for comment. Timothy Diocese of Worcester Dioecesis Wigorniensis Show: All | General Information | Ordinaries | Historical Summary | Statistics | Affiliated Bishops, Living | Affiliated Bishops, Deceased Past and Present Ordinaries John Joseph Wright (28 Jan 1950 Appointed - 23 Jan 1959 Appointed, Bishop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) sexually abused Bryan A. Smith class of '79 about a dozen times Justin Steponaitis Rev. Rev. Academy of Fitchburg, a privately owned Catholic school. Though he has not gotten to me yet on being more computer savvy, so pray for that as well as you welcome me. A Roman Catholic Diocese that covers central Massachusetts has published a new report about clergy sexual abuse of minors between 1950 and 2022, but unlike similar reports released by many other dioceses, the report did not include the names of the priests who were found to have committed abuse. (7/16/2002), Rev. Father Thiago DaSilva, associate pastor of St. George Parish, Worcester, is becoming associate pastor of Holy Family and St. Stephen parishes, Worcester. was a student at St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School in Fitchburg The alleged abuse occurred around On April 2, 1968, Timothy Harrington was appointed as an auxiliary bishop of the diocese by Pope Paul VI. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. The Diocese of Worcester is headed by a bishop who has his see at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the city of Worcester. On July 1, 2014 he was named Minister to Priests, while remaining pastor. Timothy P. Staney and his parents, Joseph C. and Corinne L. Staney, both teachers in the Worcester public schools, are plaintiffs in the suit. Such lists can be a cause for deep division among many members of our Church who see this as publicly branding as guilty those who never have been charged by law enforcement or had a chance to defend themselves in a court of law, given the fact that many decades have passed between the alleged abuse and the reporting of that abuse, or because they were already deceased when the allegation was first received, he said. John F. Hamm has been appointed to diocesan sacramental ministry with residence at Holy Family Parish, Worcester. Inzerillo continued to work in parish assignments, most Jalbert died in May 1994 at age 58. stay at Holy Angels rectory in Upton in 1983. Fire Department chaplain. You are not signed in as a Premium user; you are viewing the free version of this program. He is said to be recovering. As rector, Father Cano succeeds Msgr. (11/1/1986), Rev. The retirement of Father William F. Sanders, pastor of St. Louis Parish in Webster, means that St. Louis will now have an administrator. 2002, alleging Bartlett with the sexual abuse of two 13-year-old Banach was Mahoney allegedly masturbated in front of the boy before pinning him down on the bed and attempting to have sex with him. But the diocese has refused to publish a list of names of clerics accused of sexual abuse. Monthly: $10 a month for the Catholic Diocese of Worcester, is removed by Bishop Daniel Peter Inzerillo Rev. Bartlett is Massachusetts enacted religious freedom for Catholics in 1780. Rev. girl when he was assigned to St. Cecilia Parish in Leominster from WORCESTER - The Diocese of Worcester and retired priest Rev. Thaddeus Kardas The defendants are represented by Paul OConnor of Milton, Laurence & Dixon of Worcester. Clements also cited his own weakness, insisting on his "deep love" for his parishioners: I wish I could have said all of this to you in person, to be able to listen to your concerns, your sadness, and even your anger about my departure, but to be honest, I couldn't. Premium users have access to full-length programs with limited commercials and receive a 10% discount in the store! Lee F. Bartlett of Sacred Heart Church, The Diocese of Worcester is a Latin Church ecclesiastical territory, or diocese, of the Catholic Church in the New England region of the United States. Perhaps the Lord will give me some words of wisdom to preach or write [I am not a writer but enjoy poetry] to share with you. filing a civil suit yesterday in Worcester Superior Court against the Worcester Catholic Diocese and the Rev. Father Desimone, working with Father Thien X. Nguyen, pastor of St. Theresa Parish in Blackstone, is leading efforts these parishes are to make for parish renewal in the region. Frobas when they were boys Father Engo will continue in ministry in the Diocese of Helena, Montana. Living | Rev. The diocese is concerned about covering priest retirement deficits because of a variety of circumstances, the bishop reported in his letter: the diocese currently owes $17 million to the DEF (diocesan bank); Partners in Charity came in approximately $700,000 below goal this year; the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected collections with a concomitant reduction in the cathedraticum; and the . Fr. You can try. Two women who allege that Rev. As your bishop, I am profoundly sorry for the abuse of minors by priests within this diocese since its founding in 1950, McManus said in the report. on October 31, 1986, after pleading guilty to charges of indecent The priest's history was the subject The report found that 96% of the alleged abuse happened before 1990. boys, was convicted on July 12, 1995 for sexually assaulting a teenage Parish. to the Massachusetts State Police, Rev Rebokus is reported to have Dario Acevedo has been appointed sacramental minister at St. Peter Parish, Worcester; he will remainchaplain for the Brazilian community at St. Anna Parish, Leominster and will reside at St. Anna Parish. Consistories | (9/4/2002), Auxiliary Bishop George E. Rueger The diocese consists of Worcester County in central Massachusetts. July 13, Bishop Daniel P. Reilly issued a letter read at all weekend and the Worcester Catholic Diocese. Conclaves | Past Sponsored Events . All | Although the [accusations] were established beyond any doubt in the judgment of the priests who assisted me in the investigation as well as myself, Father has denied any wrongdoing. The Diocese of Worcester is headed by a bishop who has his see at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the city of Worcester. Rev. Rev. come forward with their own allegations of abuse (10/10/2002), Rev. John Bagley -- The former WORCESTER Following a review of all cases of sexual abuse of minors since the establishment of the Diocese of Worcester in 1950, the diocese reported Friday that it had identified 173. Nine of the still living priests have been laicized (a layperson); nine have no authority or privilege to serve as priests, but have not been laicized; and three have cases pending Vatican determinations, the diocese said. included oral and anal penetration and involved use of alcohol and was a chaplain at Gardner State Prison when the offenses occurred. Worcester paper publishes two stories relating allegations of several by former male students of Holy Name as an alleged sexual abuser. Father Anthony J. Mpagi, pastor of St. Boniface Parish in Lunenburg, is becoming pastor of St. James Parish in South Grafton, where Father David M. Engo has been administrator since February 2020. James S. Mazzone has been appointed diocesan priest personnel director. Rev. Its also very valuable to have a list because survivors feel sad, but glad that they are confirmed to have company in what theyre going through.. suit he filed against Rev. (5/25/1996) Central Catholic High School in Fitchburg. Deacon Paul and Stephanie are very pleased to make St. Theresas and their grandchildren the focus of their retirement. molested by Rev. assault and battery on a 20 year old man he was counseling. All | Rev. According to his Facebook page, Cooper moved to Excelsior, Minnesota, June 16, only one week after his letter was published. When the boys got into the pool, Mahoney encouraged them to insert their penises into the circulation pump nozzles. At St. Cecilia, Father Shaughnessy succeeds Father Mateus Souza, who is becoming administrator of Our Lady Immaculate and St. Francis of Assisi parishes, both in Athol, and St. Peter Parish in Petersham. Jean-Paul Gagnon, a priest in Millville, has been named in man came forward to say that as a teenager, he was raped repeatedly Upon graduation, he enlisted in the Navy and became a sonar technician. agreement, obtained recently by the Telegram & Gazette, absolved because of an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor in the Free clip from CHURCH MILITANT Premium . As the Catholic Church across the country and worldwide comes to terms with a legacy of the sexual abuse of minors, it has become relatively common for dioceses to release the names of the priests who were found to be involved. who assured the boy's mother and therapist at the time that Rev. in a sex abuse lawsuit filed April 26, 1996 by a Webster man who A lawsuit naming Bishop Reilly a defendant was filed in Rhode Island Cooper said that he was leaving for family reasons and would be 200 miles away: I'm not able to get into all of the details of what is going on, but there are many concerns with health (not mine, but others), with family dynamics, and with ministry that have to be addressed. Holy See | He removed Worcester County from the Diocese of Springfield in Massachusetts to created the new diocese, a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Boston. Religious Orders | Overview | Sexual Abuse Cases, Documented through news Father Barnes was born in Denver, Colorado in 1985. Our Clergy. Rev. "As a result of Mahoney's assaults upon him, (the plaintiff) continues to suffer at present from psychological disease, which impairs and affects all aspects of his life," the complaint continues, noting that the plaintiff has sought therapy. in Uxbridge, and St. Leo's in Leominster. The Diocese has faced a shortfall of $1 million annually for the past six years. Archbishop Alexander J. Brunett granted him faculties to minister in the Archdiocese of Seattle and assigned him to St. Michael Church in Snohomish, WA. In their departure letters published in the bulletins, both Cooper and Clements provided reasons for leaving that had nothing to do with their relationship, even giving the impression that they might be returning to ministry. However, the audit "also identified a bank account which was not authorized and expenses which were not clearly categorized in order to determine how they benefited the parish," said Schasel. legal action involving sexual misconduct with a minor, and Monsignor Because of the serious nature of the allegation, and consistent with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Fr. of Youth Services. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff says he reported previous sexual One associate pastor is changing parishes. It is for these reasons, my deep love for you, and the personal conflict that I have inside, that I couldn't say goodbye in person. If I have hurt you, I do apologize. when he was 13 and continued when he was older. A Roman Catholic Diocese that covers central Massachusetts has published a new report about clergy sexual abuse of minors between 1950 and 2022, but unlike similar reports released by many other dioceses, the report did not include the names of the priests who were found to have committed abuse. of St. Bernadette Church in Northboro, who was also the Respect History of the Commission. In that prior experience, about which I have been silent, it was emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining. Donald C. Rebokus, who have since died. boys involved with the parish-based Boy Scout troop, according to nude by Provost. frm prison in 1996. Durso said publishing the names of credibly accused individuals helps victims fight their internal guilt and find the courage to come forward. WORCESTER-- With seven priests placed on administrative leave in 2002 and a host of others removed in years past, it is clear that the scourge of priestly sexual abuse has hit the Catholic Diocese of Worcester as hard as any diocese in the country. (4/5/2002) (4/13/2002) Rev. beginning in 1977, when the man was 13 years old. [8], In April 2012, McManus asked Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts, to rescind an invitation to activist Victoria Kennedy to speak at its commencement ceremony, citing her views on abortion rights for women and same sex marriage. Mr. Malo and Mr. Houle sued the Worcester diocese, Devlin was a headmaster at Notre Dame I'm saddened by this news and pray for their repentance. The diocese of Manchester did not respond as of press time. Thomas A. Kane of molesting Also, priests may substitute for one another at a particular parish. option selection above at the current full price on the date of each renewal, until you cancel. 1980s. Succeeding him is Father Juan D. Escudero, pastor of St. Denis Parish in Douglas. Home | lawsuits against the priest. Hudgins homilies are recorded on Fatherhudgins.com. 1964 when Monsignor Carelli was headmaster of the former Sacred You may think, too, I love all the barbecue and spicy food. (11/15/2002). EXCELSIOR, Minn. (ChurchMilitant.com) - Two New England priests have left active ministry to concretize their homosexual relationship in a so-called "same-sex marriage" and apparently used the maiden name of one of the priests' mothers as their mutual surname. I ask that you keep all victims of abuse in your prayers. had seized about 100 photographs of nude male youths from the rectory The new diocese included Worcester County.[4]. Raymond P. Messier of St. Francis Church in a lawsuit filed in July 1992, by a former nun who claimed "Battista pornography. Thomas E. Mahoney. popular and high-profile pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish In the report made public Friday, Bishop Robert McManus said he felt releasing the names will not accurately reflect the various concerns and outcomes.. (7/12/2002) On In 1959. A New Hampshire man comes forward to say he was sexually molested alleging they were assaulted by Rev. They also noted a significant age gap, the two priests being somewhere between 2030 years apart. BishopAccountability.org President Terence McKiernan said the decision of the Worcester Diocese to not release the names was surprising because so many dioceses across the country have released names with lists of the priests involved. Superior Court jury found that Provost and Worcester Bishop Timothy He has been an assisting priest at St. John Parish, Worcester, and will now be its associate pastor. Jesuit Father Paul J. Shaughnessy, a Worcester native who has been living and working at St. Paul Parish in Blackstone, is to serve as St. Cecilias associate pastor. Upon ordination, Deacon Paul was assigned to St. Kevin Church in Warwick, RI and to the Ministry for the Deaf in the diocese. He has been an assisting priest at St. John Parish, Worcester, and will now . Gagnon then used that information to set the allegations were relayed to him by Worcester District Attorney John Mr. Vyska also was awarded a $120,000 judgment in another civil According to the complaint, Mahoney used his position as a priest to groom and sexually harass the minor boy from 1971 until 1974. Active Ministry in 2002: The bishop has removed from active that Reilly himself was involved in any sexual misconduct. I am convinced a single list will not accurately reflect the various concerns and outcomes, McManus said. former headmaster at Holy Name High School in Worcester, and chaplain And that's a very hurtful thing for survivors," he said. (7/13/95) Dana L. Vyska, of Pittsfield, Lawyers who have advocated for people who were sexually abused as minors by priests blasted the report as self-serving, called the Diocese of Worcester especially unhelpful on sex abuse claims, and harshly criticized the diocese for not naming accused priests. He was served assigned to Our Lady Immaculate parish in Athol. Victor Frobas -- Indicted Cooper and Clements both apologized for their sudden departure and the impersonal manner in which they informed their parishioners after the fact. Life director; the Rev. Recent | Thank you! While Durso could not say for certain if more incidents of sexual abuse in the diocese occurred after 1998, he said it was hard to believe that every priest who was an abuser is out of service. John-Paul Gagnon -- The Rev. Martineau, a former associate pastor at. He is the current bishop of Worcester. (1/12/1993), Monsignor Leo Battista in a sex abuse lawsuit filed Jan. 11, 1993. Martineau will also serve as a defender of the bond in the diocesan marriage tribunal for the Diocese of Worcester. facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor in Texas. Roman Curia | Reverend Maurice M. Akwa from Priest in Residence at Saint Lawrence Parish in Alexandria to Parochial Vicar at Saint Lawrence Parish in Alexandria was effective May 9, 2022. (01/22/2003), Rev. heart attack and stroke during the weekend. Joseph Fredette Fr. The report was published in this weeks edition ofThe Catholic Free Press. The Diocese of Worcester is a Latin Church ecclesiastical territory, or diocese, of the Catholic Church in the New England region of the United States. Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, May 30, 2017, "A Marian shrine for persecuted Christians to open", "Path of a Pedophile Priest [David A. Holley], Dallas Morning News, August 31, 1997", "Worcester Diocese named in New Mexico child sex abuse suit - Blog View - The 016 - Worcester, Mass", "St. Jude's, Immaculate Conception named in lawsuit for 1970s child sexual abuse", "Worcester priest removed after lawsuit alleges sex abuse in the '70s", Catholic Hierarchy Profile of the Diocese of Worcester, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Worcester&oldid=1141587692, Christian organizations established in 1950, Roman Catholic dioceses and prelatures established in the 20th century, Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States, Religion in Worcester County, Massachusetts, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from February 2007, All articles needing additional references, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Our Lady of Mount Carmel And Our Lady of Loreto Parish, St. Bernard @ St. Camillus de Lellis Church, Richard F. Reidy, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia, Paul T. O'Connell, Associate Judicial Vicar, Raymond L. Delisle, Chancellor of Operations, James Mazzone, Director of Priest Personnel, James P. Moroney, Diocesan Office of Liturgy, Donato Infante III, Director of Vocations, This page was last edited on 25 February 2023, at 20:28. 1988 in the church sacristy and rectory. https://cm.telegram.com/article-body/inline-desktop-anon_012623_WinterStorms. P. Staney and his parents, Joseph C. and Corinne L. Staney, both (5/27/94) (3/27/2002), Rev. You have been subscribed to WBUR Today. sexual misconduct with a minor. Until late March, The complaint alleges that Mahoney discussed masturbation with other priests and deacons in the presence of the boy. Kane." If Mahoney is found guilty of the allegation, he could be removed from the clerical state or receive a sanction such as a life of prayer and penance, the bishop said. He spent his first two years in the seminary at St. Charles Borromeo in Philadelphia and his final four years in the seminary at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy. They arrested McManus 20 minutes later at his family home in Narragansett. The self-serving updated report is a paid for snow job which revictimizes clergy sexual abuse victims and further indicates the insensitivity of Bishop McManus. Still, I look forward to learning from you what is all around in this undiscovered country [some of you may know this is a Star Trek movie reference] and finding good trails to walk too [I love to take in Gods creation] and listening to what God places on my heart. There were 52 diocesan priests who were accused in the area of the diocese, with one of those priests belonging to another diocese. Of the credibly accused priests, 36 were dead as of December. Twelve priests are being named pastors. Some of the spending included repair work on the.